Build4People Work Package “Urban Climate” published first draft an urban climatic map for Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Urban climatic analysis with the outcome of an urban climatic map is an essential tool for sustainable urban development, particularly to reduce the urban heat island effects. Therefore, a comprehensive study of the meteorological conditions in Phnom Phan was carried out by the Build4People Work Package “Urban Climate”, led by the principal investigator Prof Dr Lutz Katzschner, professor emeritus at Kassel University and co-founder of INKEK, Institute for Climate and Energy Strategies GmbH, with strong support from research colleagues at RUPP, Royal University of Phnom Penh.

The now published 1st draft of the Phnom Penh Urban Climate Map is a major milestone of the Build4People project because it provides a complete picture of a city wide structure of the urban heat island, hot spots but also areas which are needed for ventilation and nocturnal cooling. Moreover, is shows the important air corridors. The ventilation in Phnom Penh is characterised by dominating winds using these corridors but at the same time thermal induced circulations occur which are for advantage of thermal comfort and wellbeing.

The calibration of the map is carried out with reference station of all meteorological parameters set-up by the local research partners from RUPP. The method used is a standardised analysis carried out in many countries. The classification of climatopes in extreme heat to moderate and cool climates gives valuable recommendation for each neighbourhood and will be transformed to a urban climate recommendation map.


Intro Build4People WP5 Urban Climate Map PP Draft01b 1024x525 1