Preliminary Round of Design Competition »Huế Initiatives – Green Space, Green City« finalized

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Within the last 2 months since the launch of the Design Competition “Huế Initiatives – Green Space, Green City”, a significant number of initiatives showed their interest in participating in the competition. They submitted diverse ideas for implementing small-scale green and blue infrastructure concepts integrating on nature-based solutions.

After the evaluation of all submissions the organizers chose the following 13 initiatives that get the chance to continue their journey to the Semifinal Round:

  1. An Đông _ Xây màu xanh
  2. An Đông _ Book Station
  3. An Đông _ Green School
  4.  Phú Hội _ Nguyệt lệnh Cố đô
  5. Phú Hội _ Green Space
  6. Phú Hội _Strawberry Garden
  7. Phú Hội _Vườn nắng Phú Hội
  8. Tây Lộc _Đom đóm playground
  9. Tây Lộc _Tây Lộc Recycling
  10. Tây Lộc _Tây Lộc Green Park
  11. Thuỷ Biều _Công viên hoa hướng dương
  12.  Thuỷ Biều _Thuỷ Biều Green Park
  13. Thuỷ Biều _ Mộc Hoa

In the next round of the contest, the participating teams are encouraged to strengthen their teams by adding new team members and to detail and specify their ideas further.
Congratulations to all teams that made it to the next round! The GreenCityLabHuế Team is looking forward to working more closely with each initiative over the coming months.

Further information about the Semifinal Round of the Design Competition:

  • Initiative submission: 21/02/2022 – 01/04/2022
  • Semifinal Round result announcement: 16/04/2022
  • Submission link:
  • Competition materials:

Thank you so much for your participation!


Preliminary Round GreenCityLabHue Hue Pavillon