Build4People Poster Exhibition 2020

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Green Buildings and Sustainable Neighborhoods


The exhibition is a tangible product raising awareness on the topic of green buildings and sustainable neighborhoods. The exhibition provides information in an accessible format with easy-to-understand language, many graphic visualisations and photos to reach out to a wide public. The main target group for this exhibition are end-consumers in Cambodia, architects, construction and engineering companies, developer enterprises and institutions of higher education. Presentation of first ideas how to apply those to Cambodia. Manufacturing of the exhibits in a portable form because the aim is to do a touring exhibition which shall be shown at as many locations as possible in Cambodia.


Highly dynamic urbanisation is giving rise to more resource-intensive lifestyles, going along with new values and life concepts being formed, with new aspirations and new possibilities are set into place. Therefore, the development towards a modern consumer society in urban Cambodia strongly affects the way buildings are designed, built and operated. All in all, the potential to promote climate-adapted architecture, energy efficient and healthy buildings and sustainable neighborhoods is far from ex-hausted. Implementing green buildings and sustainable neighborhoods will reduce energy costs - which are the among the highest in the region - but it will also contribute to an overall higher urban quality of life through increased thermal comfort, better access to urban green as well as improved indoor and outdoor air quality.

  • Part 1: Science Posters: They introduce general principles of sustainability from a multi-disciplinary team which are based on different policy fields such as urban green, urban climate, buildings, neighborhood development or urban transformation.
  • Part 2: Case Study Posters: The 1st edition of the Build4People exhibition focuses on examples from Germany and Europe. This is because the Germany’s building sector has been the most successful policy field in terms of achieving sustainability goals, by far. In comparison to the level of 1990, greenhouse gas emissions in Germany could be reduced by 44% till 2018 in this sector.
  • Part 3: Introducing DGNB: Europe‘s biggest network for sustainable building


The development of the Build4People exhibition was supported by funds from the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the context of the research project »Build4People: Sustainable Buildings for People – Enhancing Urban Quality of Life in Cambodia«. This is part of the BMBF funding programme »Sustainable Development of Urban Regions«.


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