Focus Topics

Focus Topics

Focus Topics

An essential part of the SURE funding priority are common focus topics, the participating research projects deal with in a project-specific way. These thematic emphases provide a basis for cross-project exchange on case studies and approaches. Furthermore, valuable content-related impulses for science and practice are expected within the framework of the overarching synthesis and cooperation.

Sustainable Behaviour and Practices

Sustainable Behaviour & Practices


Sustainable behaviour can basically be understood as the set of deliberate and effective actions that lead to the conservation of natural and social resources.

Ecosystem Services and Nature-based Solutions

Element 1Ecosystem Services and Nature based Solutions

Ecosystem services are defined as those services and processes through which natural ecosystems and their components sustain and fulfil human life.

Risk Management and Risk Reduction

Icon Risk Management & Risk Reduction

Risk Management and Reduction is a process in which at risk communities are actively engaged in the identification, analysis, treatment, monitoring and evaluation of disaster risks in order to reduce their vulnerabilities and enhance their capacities.

Resource Efficiency and Mitigation

Icon Resource Efficiency & Mitigation

Resource efficiency can help cut back greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, improved resource efficiency and further climate change mitigation can aid the transition-to-sustainability process.

Urban-Rural Nexus

Icon Urban Rural Nexus

The urban-rural nexus refers to the reciprocal flows between cities and surrounding areas of people, goods, services, money, and environmental services.

Integrated Planning and Development

Icon Planing

Integrated Planning and Development is an approach looking at how an organisation can plan across multiple functions, levels, locations, and other natural or artificial divisions.