Participatory Involvement of Huế’s residents in the Design of Green-blue Infrastructures


Huế is a green city. With about 12.9 m² per capita the green space is comparatively high. However, green and blue spaces are not equally distributed across the city. To increase the city’s resilience against impacts of climate change, it is important to preserve and further qualify its existing green spaces and implement additional new green and blue infrastructure elements where needed. In particular, asphalted and sealed streets, public spaces with few trees, building facades or flat roofs made out of concrete heat up due to the sun and make the climate in their surroundings uncomfortable for citizens. Such areas as well as other previously unused open spaces in the city have great potential to be improved through greening, thereby increasing the quality of life in their surroundings. That’s why the GreenCityLabHue invites you to share with us your favorite green spaces and disadvantaged areas that would benefit from additional greening. The project kindly invites stakeholders to share their ideas here to further support the development of Green-blue infrastructure in Huế.


Favourite green spaces Map


The GreenCityLabHuế opened at three locations in Huế and invites all residents and visitors of Hue, including stakeholders, experts, decision-makers, students and tourists to learn more about the positive contributions of Green-Blue Infrastructure to urban life. Teachers and lecturers are invited to integrate group visits with their students to the exhibition into their teaching.


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