Presentation of Study from Build4People at the Living Planet Symposium

Gulam Mohiuddin, Research Associate from Build4People Work Package 4 Urban Green Infrastructure at Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development has attended the recent Living Planet Symposium in Bonn, Germany, from 23-27 May 2022. This event of the largest global gathering of scientists and researchers on earth observation. The symposium was organized by European Space Agency (ESA) and included more than 240 scientific sessions (5-6 presentations per session) on Earth Observation. The event was attended by a few thousands of scientists and researchers from all over the world.

Gulam Mohiuddin presented the findings of a recent study titled “Cooling Effect of Urban Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas: A Study using Land Surface Temperature” through a poster presentation. The study was conducted by Mr. Mohiuddin and Build4People Work Package 4 leader Prof. Dr. Jan-Peter Mund. Build4People Project was represented in this global event by this presentation where the study showed that there is indication of cooling effect from the urban green infrastructure in terms of land surface temperature at the Build4People Project area of Phnom Penh municipality.


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Presentation of Study from Build4People at the Living Planet Symposium

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